Gallery II
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All the artwork in
this gallery is experimental in
mixed-media. "Fractured" is a collage and
"Old Apple Tree Outback" is done in
oriental crinkle style using watercolor
and sumi ink.
"Birds of a Feather" is done
by dropping in
small pieces of wet
paper dipped
in glue
and after it
dries is finished
with watercolor.

"Deep in the Woods" is done with watercolor and
sumi ink.
"Along the Tittabawassee River"
"The Poplars" has won two awards an "Honorable Mention" and "The Peoples Choice" in the Gladwin, Michigan Artists Guild Show.
"Butterfly Garden" was inspired by my love of gardening and butterflies.
This painting is made up of torned pieces of assorted kinds of paper and aged string.
More new artwork to come!