Gallery I
Oriental Rugs
Prints New Artwork
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"Persian Influence"
"Kazak Style"
"Kurdish Style"
One of the
most unique creations
I have done
is Oriental
Rugs on
handmade paper.
The edges of
the rugs will
appear uneven
in the
images this is
due to using
100% rag
paper in its
natural form.
"Buka Style"
"A Touch of India"
"Bijar Style"

The rug paintings
have captured
the interest of judges in
Juried Art
Shows across Michigan
and beyond.

The rug
"Buka Style" was accepted in the
international Camberwell
Art Show in
Victoria, Australia
in 2005.

"Persian Prayer Rug"
"Little Victorian"
"Pheasant Rug"
The creation of
each large rug
takes about
month to
complete. And
it takes
ten to fifteen
to build up
to achieve
the deep rich
colors that
gives the
appearance of a
real rug.
"Tree of Life"print
The "Tree of Life"
and the "Four Dancers" original
paintings are in
the artist's private
collection but
are available
as prints.
More rug paintings to come!
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